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It is likely that you have reached this page because the words speak to you. Are you interested in a great product that is not expensive? We offer an interesting marketing tool for your company, which can serve your customers the best way. Up-to-date, innovative and usable for a wide perspective.

Voorbeelden: Do you have a shop? A floor specialist or fireplace specialist, Nail Studio and so on … When you give the customer post good tips or to further information about additional cleaning or maintenance items you will take the next step in customer loyalty. These customers know you and will give your company name easily to new customers, which is free advertising. Does your company’s services? An accountant, nursery, travel agency, employment agency.. The App improves the availability, you can quickly inform the people individually or collectively and significant changes indicate real time. Inform people with skills and facts on the App reinforces brand awareness. These contacts will also make free advertising for your business. Whether you manage real estate shopping center or collection offices, then offers the mall retailers the lowest advertising opportunities for promotion and the companies within the offices a tool that reinforces cooperation. Starting from the beneficial basis Apps which we can customize to to your wishes.



Creating action and interaction, this tool makes it possible. Customers can respond by their smartphone to your broadcast action / message. This message may naturally include everything; an offer, a job, a communication etc. Customers also share your action easily in their network.




How does your customer get your information? Do you have an action, there is often an add necessary. With this marketing tool you save on these costs and make the operation free of charge under the attention of your customers.





Help People see through the trees of the forest; how many emails and spam do you get yourself every day? This brings the reliability of many companies at risk. With this tool, you can take the ‘grip and control’ back and you will give your enterprise customizable exclusivity: Your messages will arrive exclusively on behalf of your company under the attention of your customers, directly on their smartphone.




A message such an action, notification or a emergency quickly draw attention. Wherever you are in the world, you can distribute real-time information that will be directly available on the smartphones of your customers.





Your company with your corporate style will be daily under the attention of your customers. They have your business daily by the hand on their smartphone. It’s free advertising.




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